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No More Boring Socks!!!

Blue Q Socks

Blue Q have created a revolution when it comes to Socks - and have turned a boring gift into a must have gift for the special people in your life or just for you :)

These cutie-pie socks are woven with luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength, and a touch of spandex for long-lasting fun. We use "200 needle” stitch patterns, meaning there are 25% more loops and weave around the foot than most socks. 

BlueQ has taken socks to a whole new place, and the world’s eating them up! Unceasingly witty, with bold, scrumptious designs that cut through the clutter. And an amazing fit! Woven with luxurious cotton, soft nylon, and a touch of spandex. The ultimate gift! 


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