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Luminoodle LED Light Rope - Navya

Luminoodle LED Light Rope


Are you looking to light your campsite, balcony, patio, bedroom, back of your TV? Luminoodle by Power Practical has you covered.

Luminoodle is a 5/10-foot strand of ultra-bright, waterproof, flexible and USB-powered LEDs designed with various, easy-to-use mounting solutions included in the bag. At 10-20 times brighter than your average Christmas lights, it's the most adaptable, intuitive, and portable string lighting system ever created.

Use this luminnodle for camping/backpacking, as a TV or computer backlight, at picnics/ night cooking, garage projects, as safety light during night riding, as a closet lighting, and much more.

 Luminoodle has 2 modes:

  1. Noodle Mode: What if some nice lantern mood lighting just isn’t cutting it?! Well, just take it out of the bag and unwrap the 5 ft of LEDs and wrap it, strap it, magnet it, or loop it to whatever you have handy!
Luminoodle comes with 3 custom-designed Noodle Ties™ which make it easy to tie around anything. They’re tough, easy to use, and can be doubled up to wrap around larger objects.
Luminoodle comes equipped with 2 built-in heavy duty magnets (one at each end) and a magnet that can slide to any position. You can use the magnets to stick to your car, canopy, or anything else magnetic. Additionally, the magnets snap to each other making it simple and tangle-free to stuff into the bag for lantern or storage.
  1. Lantern Mode: In the included rip-stop nylon bag, Luminoodle acts just like a lantern by diffusing light and spreading it 360 degrees. It definitely makes for some killer mood lighting. Just wrap Luminoodle around the Lithium 4400 battery pack or any other portable USB battery pack, turn it on, and stuff it in.
  • INCLUDES: The Luminoodle light rope includes USB-powered, waterproof LED rope lights producing 180 (5ft) to 360 (10ft) lumens of light. Also includes noodle ties, embedded and sliding magnets, utility loop for easy hanging, and a rip-stop nylon carry bag designed to diffuse light and double as a tent lamp, hiking lamp or LED lantern.
  • VERSATILE: You can use these portable LED string lights for anything. Add it to your collection of backpacking and camping essentials (who doesn’t want easy tent LED lighting?), use it as a safety light for kids and pets, or as bright, fun lights to make any party that much better. The LED rope USB plug is reversible and universal so you can use any USB battery pack.
  • BEAUTIFUL, WIDESPREAD LIGHT: Sometimes you want bright, widespread light and the ability to use both hands - the Luminoodle makes it easy. With universal noodle ties, magnets and a utility loop, this LED rope is easy to hang wherever you need it. Your friends and family will be impressed when you use this great lighting system on your patio, in your backyard or as a camping lights string to light up your camping area.
  • SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES: Drape this LED light strip around you and your kids while you take a walk at night, keep it in the glove box as an emergency safety tool in case your car breaks down after the sun sets, or wear it as you ride your bike around town.
  • 5-meter model produces 180 lumens; 10-meter produces 360 lumens
  • Includes universal ties, magnetic fasteners, and a utility loop to hang the noodle anywhere
  • Nylon carry bag doubles as a lantern bag to diffuse light
  • IP-67 waterproof rating (submerge to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Reversible USB Connector

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